Breast Cancer Campaign (UK)

Partnering with Vincent Design (UK) we were asked to help re-invigorate Breast Cancer Campaign’s branding. The key design challenges were immediately obvious, how do you create stand out in a sea of pink whilst retaining the visual equity of their jigsaw icon in a more dynamic, creative way? We created a new look and feel which brings its research-based focus to the fore in an upbeat and positive way and actually celebrates the somewhat underplayed jigsaw piece as more of a metaphor for togetherness and knowledge sharing. The redrawn logo has a deliberately more human quality, and highlights patients condition in a modest but powerful way using the negative space within a single jigsaw piece. The logo ‘lock-up’ has been simplified to bring a real clarity to the charities name and also to accommodate an emotive new strapline “Research that saves lives”. Two modern typefaces were chosen to offer a more contemporary nature to the typography and help articulate both the scientific and fundraising work which Campaign does on a day-to-day basis. A bolder illustrative style has been introduced to amplify the nature of how Campaign works collaboratively and is now an integral element to the new brands longevity. The new colour palette was developed to help Campaign emphasis their passionate and energetic “overcome and outlive” mentality, and create a more vibrant, resourceful feel to all their communications. Along with Vincent Design, we are very much look forward to helping Campaign mobilise the brightest minds and biggest hearts to drive world-class Breast Cancer research over the coming months and years.

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